DNA of Success – #1 Best Selling Book – A Masterpiece on what it REALLY takes – Now in 15 languages

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DNA of Success – #1 Best
Selling Book – A Masterpiece on what it REALLY takes – Now in 15 languages


The DNA of Success This product is also AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. See
jackzufelt.tripleclicks.com By Jack M. Zufelt “Mentor to Millions” #1 BEST
SELLER! Published in 15 Languages around the world! “This book is a
masterpiece about the true cause of achievement! Jack Zufelt successfully
challenges the standard concepts about success and demonstrates that we all
have the DNA of success embedded within our hearts and souls. Then he shows
how to pull it out and use it to create any level of success you want.” Jack
Canfield, Coauthor of the New York Times best seller, Chicken Soup For The
Soul An Oasis or a Mirage? – Do you set goals only to find that they do not
happen? – Do you recite daily affirmations that never become a reality? – Do
you listen to motivational speakers but find that it doesn’t stick? – Do you
visualize what you want but only end up with mental pictures not the real
thing? You are not alone! Millions have tried all these kinds of success
techniques hoping for the success promised by so many gurus out there. They
assure you that their way will lead you out of the desert to a promised land
of success. To an oasis of happiness and high achievement. Trouble is, these
techniques, tools, tactics . . . whatever you want to call them . . . will not
get you there. The only path to success lies in activating the Conquering
Force within you. Otherwise the promised oasis ends up being a mirage and you
will not get the desired result. This book shows you how to unleash your
Conquering Force so you can achieve your Core Desires! It will give you the
TRUTH about all success and stop you from wasting time and money on things
that don’t work. This book is an excellent companion to Jack Zufelt’s world
famous audio program How To Use The Conquering Force Within You. “It is very
astute thinking that Zufelt puts forth.” Norman Vincent Peale
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