Electrolux Cooker EHG6341FOK – Made in Germany

Electrolux Cooker
INDUCTION COOKING ZONES For induction cooking zones a strong electro-magnetic
field creates the heat in the cookware very quickly. COOKWARE FOR INDUCTION
COOKING ZONES Use the induction cooking zones with correct cookware. Cookware
material • correct: cast iron, steel, enamelled steel, stainless steel, the
bottom made of multi-layer (with correct mark from a manufacturer). • not
correct: aluminium, copper, brass, glass, ceramic, porcelain. Cookware is
correct for an induction hob if … • … some water boils very quickly on a
zone set to the highest heat setting. • … a magnet pulls on to the bottom of
the cookware. The bottom of the cookware must be as thick and flat as
possible. Cookware dimensions: induction cooking zones adapt to the dimension
of the bottom of the cookware automatically to some limit. COOKWARE
Information about the cookware • The bottom of the cookware must be as thick
and flat as possible. • Cookware made of enamelled steel and with aluminium or
copper bottoms can cause the colour change on the glassceramic surface. THE
NOISES DURING OPERATION If you can hear • crack noise: cookware is made of
different materials (Sandwich construction). • whistle sound: you use one or
more cooking zones with high power levels and the cookware is made of
different materials (Sandwich construction). • humming: you use high power
levels. • clicking: electric switching occurs. • hissing, buzzing: the fan
operates. The noises are normal and do not refer to appliance malfunction.
ENERGY SAVING How to save energy • If it is possible, always put the lids on
the cookware. • Put cookware on a cooking zone before you start it. • Use the
residual heat to keep the food warm or to melt it. The cooking zone efficiency
The cooking zone efficiency is related to the diameter of the cookware . The
cookware with a smaller diameter than the minimum receives only a part of the
power generated by the cooking zone. For the minimum diameters see the
Technical data chapter. THE EXAMPLES OF COOKING APPLICATIONS The relation
between the heat setting and the cooking zone consumption of power is not
linear. When you increase the heat setting it is not proportional to the
increase of the cooking zone consumption of power. It means that the cooking
zone with the medium heat setting uses less than a half of its power.
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