Join our SFI GDI Dollarwise Network training program. Support for your SFI down line

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Join our SFI GDI
Dollarwise Network training program. Support for your SFI down line


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How to make sure Down line for SFI and Triple Clicks stay active. If you live
in Christchurch. Email me. I offer FREE training at home. Showing how to set
up your website and participate at SFI to your full potential. WHY because
Team Support is the key to success. Full 24/7 Skype support. maree.wells
Getting your own down line website to send your members to. The key to success
is 24/7 support. Is by having a down line training page your prospects can
View. Earning an income from home. It all looks overwhelming. BUT do not
stress. The purpose is to set up an SFI training website for all your down
line training. By setting up a GDI Domain. Your down line has access to your
SFI training when you are off line. When signing up do not upgrade stick to
the $10 BASIC Package. Name your new site something catchy Example. Tony sfi
Roysfi etc. It also gives you a second Income if your Join our Dollar Wise GDI
Network. I set up your SFI shopping page and SFI training page. You have your
own page listing your favorite ECA websites. With adding your SFI Id to the
links, you will be earning by promoting these ECA websites. You do not need to
have an ECA website to join this program. BUT it pays to apply for an ECA
website at SFI. Then you can purchase my reseller packages and add your ECA
website as well. It also gives you the opportunity to do posts at your ECA
website where they will appear in the stream tab. I suggest to my down line to
hit their local markets and introduce your self to the stall holders. Purchase
a few items to list on your ECA website. When they see you returning, they
will show new interest and sign up for their own ECA website. Building your
SFI down line, growing larger day by day, week by week, month by month. Once
you have purchased. Sign up free for your GDI domain.
Free seven day trial. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. I will then log
into GDI and set up your down line website. REMEMBER Do not upgrade to
premium. Or pay extra for a .com website. Stick with the basic package. Then
email me your log in details. I will have your site up and running within a
few days. First view This is my down line website.
Supplied from GDI. Member since 2009 Sign up here. FREE 7 day trial. Nothing
to lose everything to gain. Cost is $10
(American per month) What I am offering is once you sign up for your GDI
website. I will log in and set up your SFI training guide, Plus SFI shopping
page. I have permission from GDI to support my down line by setting up there
websites, I will duplicate my Dollar wise SFI training page, replacing my
links with yours. Here are some examples of down line websites I have set up
TERRY Liz English http://www.ELIZ.WS Metcalf Tony Some of our SFI shopping
page examples. New Zealand
Australia United states
United Kingdom Success is my promoting
your SFI and Triple click links at sites proven for results. Then when you
send new members your welcome email. You have a down line website you can send
them to for daily access. also they will follow you into your recommended
sites for promoting SFI. Win Win Situation. The beauty is that they can log in
and follow my advice daily. I will start charging $20 per month to keep your
website up to date and current. Updating the pages when required. As new ECA
websites start to join our program. . I hate spending hours setting up a site
to find the member gives up before even trying. It takes time, dedication,
promoting and duplicating to achieve success. Most important 24/7 support. I
will send you an email when the next payment is due. Bonus to my Level one
Down line members. I will also randomly every Monday reassign you new PSA
members Via the Geneology Tab. This is a long term project. Keeping in mind we
all want to be earning an income monthly then yearly. This is the goal we all
will be aiming to achieve. While communicating with new A2A members. I find a
lot are struggling. So I have put this package together, so we all can
benefit. The beauty is you can join our SFI Dollar wise network whether you
are in my down line or not. Team Support is the key to success. Duplicate this
system with all your down line. Imagine if everyone followed our plan. We all
would be earning some serious dollars 12 levels deep monthly. Remember to
achieve success with SFI and Triple Clicks you need to be selling and
purchasing. Maree Silver Team Leader.
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