Promo page (1 page)

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Promo page (1 page)


Retail Price: $50.00 

You Save: $44.11 (88%) 

Promo page is kind of blog page with your personal photograph, the text
desired, your referral links and banners that will be associated with the
hyperlink to the page of your gateway. Also with this Promo page you can
create a task in the VP-Ledger in which to receive 100 VP (for installing a
Tripleclicks banner on your personal website or blog). Duration: Promo page
has no time limit because it will be placed on a free domain and hosting site.
Important Note: Purchaser will receive a link from the site, and a username
and password. Purchaser will receive a username and password for the e-mail
that will be created for the purpose of registering the promo page. With this
information, the purchaser will be able to make changes to his/her promo page.
The text must be written in English, Croatian or Serbian language. Completion
time will be within 3 – 5 business days of when payment is received.
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