The Best of the Best: Secrets of the Network Marketing Masters Revealed (2 Audio Cassettes)

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The Best of the Best:
Secrets of the Network Marketing Masters Revealed (2 Audio Cassettes)


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Secrets of the network marketing masters revealed–in less than 90 minutes!
This two-cassette program from Cutting Edge Media will share the secrets that
have earned them millions. You’ll learn how to recruit, train, and motivate
hundreds of new distributors from four of the best trainers in the industry:* Bob Rountree

* Jack Zufelt

* Doug Firebaugh

* Michael Clouse

You’ll discover where to find the shortcuts to success, the hidden secrets
behind a new phenomenon called “Split-Second Recruiting,” and much, much more.


Jack Zufelt is listed as
a Who’s Who of Human Potential Superstars. He teaches the true cause of all
achievement in seminars all around the world. He was awarded the Presidential
Medal of Merit by President George Bush. He was honored by the U.S. Senate for
helping Americans achieve more in their personal lives and careers. His best
selling tape program was featured in SUCCESS magazine twice. His articles have
been published in magazines and newspapers in 14 countries. Many featured him
on the cover.

Michael S. Clouse, Editor-in-Chief, Nexera e-News, former
Editor-in-Chief with Upline Journal, is the author of Business Is Booming!,
Seven Prospecting Secrets, and co-author of Future Choice: Why Network
Marketing May Be Your Best Career move. Certified as a Network Marketing
Professional by the University of Illinois, Clouse is an experienced corporate
success coach and dynamic motivational speaker. An internationally recognized
network marketing expert. Clouse regularly appears on business radio shows, as
well as the occasional TV talk show.

Doug Firebaugh is an
accomplished speaker, writer, and author and an award-winning entrepreneur. He
has published numerous articles, has spoken before audiences nationally and
internationally, and has trained, directly and indirectly, over 150,000 people
with his empowerment materials, tape series and seminars. While in the process
of helping others pursue their dreams, he established and built an
international business that created multi-millions in sales. He is a
recognized authority on leadership and success, and has helped author four
books on the subject. In addition, he has been listed in “Who’s Who in

Bob Rountree is the
author of “The MoneyBook” and a frequent speaker, trainer and seminar leader
that has built million dollar sales organizations in network marketing. He is
a master at prospecting and training, and uses his expertise to train people
across the country. His best-selling audio tape, “The MoneyTape,” is a 100%
generic recruiting tape designed to reach prospects at the emotional level
where they make decisions. Millions of copies of his recruiting tapes have
been sold and are the choice door opening tools used by thousands of
distributors in hundreds of companies.


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